Is ECOSOIL more expensive to use than most chemical fertilizers?
No, in fact ECOSOIL is less expensive to use than chemical fertilizers.
Our products have a lower NPK grade than chemical fertilizers do, are these are less effective?
ECOSOIL’s organic and natural content of NPK is easily accessible by plant, in a much greater volume than chemical fertilizers. Do not forget, the rest of the unused chemicals can contaminate both land and groundwater, while ECOSOIL revitalize land, makes is airy and creates better environment for the plants to grow.
What are the other advantages for this fertilizer?
ECOSOIL boosts healthy plants and yields of high quality and nutrition values as oppose to chemical fertilizers. Handling and applying does not require special trainings or safety equipment, and it cannot cause environmental concerns, since it is 100% natural.
What kind of crops should be treated by this fertilizer?
ECOSOIL works great on all crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, lawns and houseplants.
Why do you think your product is the best one to be used?
We don’t think it is the best one, plants have told us so.
Why should I stop using chemical fertilizer and start using ECOSOIL?
If you want to change our children life’s and ourselves, get back to our roots, and truly grew your crops in natural and organic manner, if you want your yields to be organically certified and offered to market as such, use ECOSOIL.
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